I see the other bull coming hard from our left.

“Take him, Tom,” Miles yelled. 

Already standing, Tom aims at the shoulder and does exactly what we had taught him. He rocks backwards as he squeezes the first trigger. He instantly places the second shot in the same location. Miles and I both take one shot right behind Tom’s second shot. The big bull takes about 5 steps and falls to its’ knees. Dead.

Tom lets out a celebratory yell. “Oh man!” as he hugged Makali. 

Miles and I have our eyes on the herd. From the corner of my eye I see the other bull coming hard from our left. I draw my Taurus Judge and fire two shots into the air. The young bull turns and trots back toward the herd. All the elephant are running away toward the waterhole.

 “Now celebrate,” I said. “Well done, well done, Tom,” I added shaking his hand.

“Good coaching, Miles,” shaking his hand.

“Yes, great shot Tom,” Miles said, patting Tom on the back.

“Makali, what was that move?” I asked.

“Wanted to make bull stop, Bwana. Thought I’d yell at him,” Makali said smiling.

“Well, that’s a technique for the record books.” I laughed. “We’ll have to remember that one.” I added.

“Here comes Bryce and the gang,” I said. “Let’s go see what ya’ got,” I added.


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