At 20 yards, Makali did something I’ll never forget.

“This might get crazy,” I added. 

The cow stomps and lunges forward charging right through a 5 foot thorn tree. With my thumb, I remove my safety and prepare to raise my rifle. She stops, stomps and bugles. She is now 20 yards from us. The two bulls are moving up quickly. They can’t see us, but are ready to battle. She and her calf trot off to our left and start moving away from us. They are now out of the way. I glance at Makali and Miles. We are all ready. 

“Tom, watch and listen to Miles. Want shoulder shot. If have to, aim between the eyes,” I whispered.

Tom nods.

At 30 yards, the smaller bull stopped and decided to move toward the cow and calf. ‘Oh, perfect,’ I thought. A gust of wind kicked up some dust in front of the elephant. The big bull paused, then suddenly lowered his head and starts running right at us. 

“Tom, take off safety. Ready! Miles whispered. 

At 20 yards, Makali did something I’ll never forget. 

“All Stand!” he yelled, standing and waving his right arm.

“Stand!” yelled Miles.

 We all stood up. The bull stopped momentarily. Confused and startled it turned slightly to one side.

“Take him, Tom,” Miles yelled.


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