There are five elephant between us and the bull.

The plan is to move from bush group to bush group as quietly as possible, while also remaining unnoticed. If we move slowly enough and can keep our scent blowing away from the elephant, we should be able to move in close enough. We need to be about 25 yards closer.

We started moving slowly toward the first group of bushes about 8 yards downhill and to our right. The cow and calf are turned and facing away from us. They are still about 30 yards from us. Makali is stepping lightly and deliberately. He is looking down at each spot where his feet will touch the ground. This is the wrong time to trip over something or make a sudden noise. He and I reach the group of bushes first. We squat down and wait as the others move in behind us. The big bull is still toward the back of the herd. There are five elephant between us and the bull. We need him to move away from the herd. We can’t walk between the others to get to him. If he continues to move to our right, and if we can get to the third group of bushes, he might move right to us. I nod to Makali. We start to move toward the next area of cover, which is only 5 yards to our right. Makali and I step into the open. We are crouched over and walking very slowly.


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