“You have one shell in each chamber, and safety on?”

“They sound like far enough. Not problem,” Makali said.

“Ok,” I said. 

Then some good fortune happened. The mom and her calf began to move back toward the rest of the herd. After about 10 minutes, it’s time to make things happen. 

“Bryce, sorry. I think it might be better and safer if you guys stay back. We need to get closer and there are too many of us.” I said.

“Miles, you and Tom follow us,” I said.

“Tom, you ok?” asked Miles.

“Yes sir,” Tom answered.

“You have one shell in each chamber, and safety on?” Miles asked.

Tom smiled and nodded, “Yes.”

“Ok, Makali. Slowly,” I said, lighting a cigarette. 

We need to get about 50 yards closer. The big bull is toward the back of the group, but seems to be moving slowly forward. Makali and I are thinking alike. Since we are on top of this ridge above the waterhole, we need to make our way down and slightly to our right so we have a better angle toward the bull. Looking ahead down this ridge, we see several groups of bushes. The plan is to move from bush group to bush group as quietly as possible, while also remaining unnoticed.


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