“Bwana!” “Big, Big!” Makali said in an excited whisper.

“That not him, Bwana. He ok, but not what I saw this morning,” Makali said. “Think there be 2 more tembo in back, in fog,” he added.

 I can now clearly see the group of six below us. There is that one bull, three cows, and two calves. I can’t see what Makali thinks he sees. The wind is still ok, but now gusting a little from our left. We wait a few more minutes. I keep looking toward the back of the herd. The cow and calf that were the closest have now moved closer. They are about 30 yards away, and moving to our right. Much further and they could catch our scent. The fog is lifting.

“Bwana!” “Big, Big,” Makali said in an excited whisper.

“Oh, baby,” I said. I could see him stepping out of the fog and away from the cow he was feeding with. He is one of the larger bulls I have seen in this area.

 Miles and Bryce are now close enough to me that they can see it all and hear what we are saying. Miles has Tom right next to him. I am amazed how calm Tom appears.

 “He long way, but move this way, Bwana. We need get closer,” Makali said. “Wind change some,” he added.

“Yes, and those two are getting too close,” I whispered.

“Where is the other ele group?” I asked.

“They sound like far enough. Not problem,” Makali said.

“Ok,” I said.





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