“Simba rest here Bwana, but not last night..”

As we reach the bushes near the top of the ridge, Makali points to area around a smaller acacia tree. I can see the grass has been flattened and some animal dung.  

“Simba rest here Bwana, but not last night,” Makali said. “They have move on,” he added quietly.

“No worries,” I whisper. 

I give a signal for all to halt. Makali and I crawl the last 5 yards to opening between two bushes at the top of the ridge. We both look down to have our first look at the herd. The waterhole is still about 100 yards away. Our view was limited by some lingering morning fog. I can clearly see 5 elephant and two calves. I can’t tell whether one of the bulls was in this group. There are 2 elephant that are about 50 yards away. These seem to be the closest. 

“Cow and young calf,” Makali said softly. “Don’t see bull,” he added.

“Wait, look,” I said. “In the back. Big male. Can’t see tusks.”

“Yes, Bwana. Let’s wait,” Makali whispered. 

I look back at the troops and motion for everyone to squat down and wait.  The elephant are feeding on the acacia trees around the water and slowly moving toward us and slightly to our right. The bull is partially concealed by the trees. After about 5 minutes he begins to move back toward the water and was quickly visible.


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