“Let’s be careful to not get caught in the middle..”

Let’s be careful to not get caught in the middle,” I added.

 My team knew what I was thinking. If one group of elephant continue to move to our left while we are moving up on the other group, the left group could move far enough to catch “our wind”. If that group gets spooked, all the elephant could begin to move in all directions. Even scarier, if we fire a shot, both groups will start running. I grinned and chuckled as I thought to myself. ‘You know, I could be in California grading term papers.’

 “Ok, slowly,” I said. “It’s show time.”

“Good cover ’til we get to bushes, then crawl, Bwana,” Makali said.

“Ok, about 25 yards, then crawl rest of the way,” I whispered. 

With my best “cavalry” hand signal, Makali and I crouch and step lightly toward the line of bushes. The grass is about knee high and still damp enough for us to walk quietly. As we approach the group of bushes, the smell and the sounds of the elephant are much more defined. The animals are still not visible. After we crawl to the ridge, we should have a visual of this part of the herd. We don’t know how many elephant are in this group, and more importantly, we don’t know if the bulls are part of this group or the other. Just before we get to the bushes, I give a signal to lower ourselves to a crawl. On hands and knees, we have about 20 more yards to the ridge. This is where our guests will get their new safari outfits ‘broken in’. Crawling through this tall grass, I’m wondering if anyone is thinking about that cobra we almost walked over as we left camp. Looking over my shoulder, I can see that Bret and Dan are doing fine, but definitely having a physical struggle with crawling for much distance. Tom is doing great and seems to be consumed by the adventure.


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