Suddenly, from the bushes 5 yards to my right,…

As we start walking again, Benga is still to our left. I need him watching for signs and movements on our left flank. He is still carrying my 455. I don’t feel like I’m close enough to elephant to switch, yet. We have walked about 200 more yards. Suddenly, from the bushes 5 yards to my right, we hear a loud snort and breaking twigs. Three startled birds take flight as the bush shakes violently. All of us jump back in reaction. Just as sudden, it was over. Two scared dik dik take off running out of the bushes. They look like dwarf antelope, about the size of a Texas jack rabbit. That bush is probably their home, and we almost walked right over them. As I take a deep breath of relief, I realize that I have drawn my pistol and I am ready for a close range encounter. Miles and Bryce have their rifles drawn and pointed at the poor dik dik. I twirl my pistol back into my holster. Oh yeah, ‘Wyatt Earp’, I think to myself.

 “I smell water, Bwana. Not too far,” Makali said.

“Ok, let’s do this,” I said.


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