“Over here, Makali. Look at paw prints”

The cobra uncoils and moves away from us.

“That was close,” Miles said.

“Yes, but Bret got a good picture, though,” Bryce added.

“Good eyes, Benga. Nice rock throwing, Makali,” I said.

“Thanks, Bwana,” they both answered.

“Ok, let’s try this again,” I said. 

“Over here, Makali. Look at paw prints,” Tom said, pointing to muddy spot near our trail.

“Yes, Bwana Tom, I be watching those. Be wild dog, Bwana,” Makali said.

“Good eyes, Tom,” I said. “Those do look similar to cat prints, like lion or leopard. Wild dog pug marks are generally rounder than a cat pug. Cat pugs have a rosette shape on their lower big toe area,” I added, pointing to toe area of the paw print.

“Look like maybe 5 dog, Bwana. No worry,” Makali said.

“Wild dogs hunt in packs, kind of like the coyote back home. They would be scared of us. Yes, no worries, Makali,” I added.


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