“Ok Makali. Lead us to tembo,” I said.

“Ok Makali. Lead us to tembo,” I said.

“Yes, Bwana K,” Makali answered and he started walking.

“We’ve got about a 30 minute walk, boys. Tom and Dan, good luck and watch us closely for signals and instructions. Ele can’t see real well, but they sure can smell,” I said. 

We started walking in formation to the south toward the waterhole where Makali spotted the elephant herd less than an hour ago. The grass is still a little wet from the morning dew. The dampness allows us to walk silently and provides excellent conditions for Makali to find and follow tracks. This area of Kenya is very dense with bush and high grass. The many different species of flowering bushes and trees are beautiful to see, but they also provide excellent cover. I am right beside Makali, with Miles and Tom close behind. Bret and Dan are bringing up the rear with Bryce. Benga, my second tracker, is walking to our left. He is carrying my 455, which I will need as we get closer to the waterhole. For now, I have my trusty open sight 375, and on my right hip, my Taurus Judge loaded with Colt 45. When we get closer, I will let Makali lead by a few steps, and we’ll move Dan up behind Miles in case there is a chance for a second bull. Tom gets the first shot. Elephant get real jumpy in gusty wind, and Makali said there are cows with calves. I am concerned about the wind and light my first cigarette. It is a comfort to me knowing that there are no better hunters in Africa than Bryce and Miles. I am convinced that there is no tracker anywhere better than my Makali. It is always the unknown and sometimes the unseen that cause the surprises and extra danger. Then again, that is why we do what we do. The excitement is what I love so much. Today offers high expectancy for excitement, but our guests didn’t sign-up for the danger aspect.


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