“..that adrenaline kicks in, you won’t even remember pulling the trigger.”

Stan, Bret, and Dan entered the dining tent together. All three were wearing their safari outfits they purchased in Nairobi, and all three were way too clean. That will probably change soon. 

“Ok gents,” I said, standing to greet them. “This should be quite an adventure. Again, the plan is to get in close. If a shot is taken, we want to be within 25 to 30 yards. We will be firing a 455 caliber side-by-side rifle with an open sight. The gun has two triggers, and looks like a double barrel shotgun. Normally, we’d have each of you test fire the rifle to get use to the kick. Actually it is more like a shove than a kick, but this morning we are too close to the elephant to be able to do that.”

“And you know what?” Bryce added. “When you are that close, and that adrenaline kicks in, you won’t even remember pulling the trigger.”

“Boy, that’s right. This will not be a casual ‘off the tripod’ shot. What we want you to do, if conditions work out right, is to take one heart shot at the shoulder by squeezing the first trigger. Then, immediately aim your second shot same place using the second trigger,” Miles added.

“That head shot they always show in old safari movies is strictly Hollywood. A shot like that is not what we want,” Bryce said.

“Right, and remember, you only have two shells. Elephant are big, tough, and hard to bring down. We will be prepared to shoot as well, if needed. If we do shoot, don’t let it hurt your feelings. We are here to protect you and we just can’t take any chances,” I said. “When we get close, I want only Tom and Miles to follow Makali and me the rest of the way. Bryce will stay back with Bret and Dan. Any questions?” I asked.

“No,” Tom said. “I’m speechless,” he added.



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