How exciting. I knew this would be a great day!” I exclaimed.

Bret said, “I’d like to come and just watch and film, if can?”

“Yes, for sure, please come. I’d like you to only use a camera if there is no shutter noise. Elephant can hear well, and we don’t need to make them nervous.” I said.

“Ok.” Bret said.

“Tom and Dan, in case we only have one opportunity to shoot, I’d like you to decide who will be first,” I said.

“I’ll yield to Tom,” Dan said quickly. “He spent more time organizing this hunt for us. I’d like him to go first,” he added.

“Thanks, Dan,” Tom said smiling.

“Well, ok then. Makali, how is wind?” I asked.

“Good, Bwana K. It be in our face,” Makali answered.

“Well excellent, we have a plan. How exciting. I knew this would be a great day!” I exclaimed. “Let’s meet back here in 15 minutes. We walk from here, right Makali?” I asked.

“Yes, Bwana. Not far”.

“Ok, see ya’ all in 15.”

“By the way,” I added. “Be sure to wear your safari jackets and your boots. It’s a little cool this morning, and we might get dirty out there, and oh.. no after shave or extra strong scented deodorant. We want to sneak up on these varmints, ok?”

All three nodded, and headed back to their tents to prepare for the mornings’ adventure.


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