“Bwana, vikuto (hyena) gone.”

Makali walked into the dining tent. I had sent him out to follow the hyena and to scout an area just south of camp.

 “Yes, ‘Sharp Eyes’,” I said.

“Bwana, vikuto (hyena) gone.”

“Good work, and good shot in the dark this morning Makali,” I added.

“Asante, Bwana K. Oh, and spot big herd of tembo near waterhole where you send me. Two big bull ‘ele’, Bwana. Mean big, Bwana. One maybe 90 to 95 pound tusks. What think?” Makali asked.

“Well, we need to ask our guests,” I said turning back to speak directly to them. “Guys, I know we were only pursuing the plains game, but we have pretty much accomplished that, and with some worthy trophies. I sent Makali to scout a waterhole south of our camp. According to Makali, we have maybe two really good bull elephants in the herd he found. If he is right, 90 pounds per tusk is an outstanding trophy size elephant. If one or two of you would have an interest in shooting an elephant, I can radio to the Game Commission for a permit. The cost is about $1,000. I can actually radio for the license after you shoot. If not, we’ll pursue some waterbuck that were also seen near the waterhole. What do you think?” I asked.

 Tom and Dan quickly spoke up. “Yes, I would,” they both said.

Bret said, “I’d like to come and just watch and film, if can?”


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