“We’ll take turns tonight standing watch. We’ll make sure they stay away.”

After assessing the damage and reassuring everyone that life is alright again, I asked all of us to prepare for the day and meet for breakfast in about 20 minutes.

The sun was coming up. It was a beautiful morning.

In spite of all that had gone on, Jaji had managed to fix a nice breakfast of eggs, bacon, biscuits, and fruit. Yes, she had even picked some fresh flowers for the table. Oh, how I love her coffee. It just totally makes my morning. Jaji has been with me for over twelve years now. She is like family, and truly amazing. When I heard the screaming this morning, I was scared for our Jaji.

 “You ok now, Modjaji?” I asked quietly, as she poured my coffee.

She put her hand on my shoulder and said, “Yes Bwana, asante.” with a tear in her eye. “Just scared.” she added.

“We’ll take turns tonight standing watch. We’ll make sure they stay away.” I assured her.

“Yes, Jaji. Since Makali shot one of the hyena, it would be unusual for them to come back. But, we’ll make sure.” Bryce said.

 As we continued our breakfast, I could tell our three guests were a little jumpy from the early morning encounter. I assured them that things like this don’t happen very often. I think they felt a little better.


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