He is strikingly handsome and looks way too much like a movie star.

As I mentioned before, this time I am allowing three guests on our safari. I am allowing a third hunting guest because we are hunting only smaller game. Because of the extra guest, I have our third professional hunter, Miles Peterson with us.

 Miles, like Bryce, is also from South Africa. He has been hunting in East Africa for over fifteen years, and has been with me for the last six. As our safari business grew, it was necessary to find an additional associate to our team. I don’t want Rhino Outfitters, Ltd. to be any larger, we are committed to being specialized and professional. Miles is also an excellent shot and has tremendous tracking skills. He also brought to “Rhino” his expertise in darting animals for game capture. I had done some before, but Miles has experience in darting the big five. He is 6’2”, blond haired, 35 years old, and when dressed in all his safari garb, he is strikingly handsome and looks way too much like a movie star. He is almost a distraction. Like me, he is also single. We have gone out to night clubs together in Nairobi and Johannesburg, and he has too much of an advantage with the women. He attracts like a magnet. Although this helps guarantee an enjoyable evening, this is not good for my ego.


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