“Bwana, I have new name for you. I now call you, Bwana Kifaru.”

” I guess the lions will have to wait. Makali, we’ll give the rhino meat to the village. What a shame, he is magnificent. Couldn’t be helped. I think we can blame the wind. Rhino always ‘mark’ their territory. Normally we would have smelled him.” I added.

“Yes, you right Bwana. I’m sorry,” said Makali.

“Oh not your fault my friend.”

“Bwana, I have new name for you. I now call you, Bwana Kifaru.”

“Mr. Rhino,” I said. “Ok, Makali. I like it. Bwana Kifaru.”

“Let me help you back on your horse,” said Bryce. “Let’s get you back to camp. By the way, that’s one lucky horse,” Bryce added.

“I think we’re all a little lucky today,” I said.

“Ok, Bwana Kifaru. Let’s head ’em out.” 

 I smiled. We started for camp. It was the longest 3 hour ride I’d ever had. After arriving at camp, Bryce drove me to a hospital about 2 hours away toward Nairobi. I had my leg set and had my cuts attended to. For the next three days Bryce and Makali took care of Alan and Stan. They were able to both shoot a lion, but no leopard like they had hoped. I know they had a hunt they will never forget, I know I never will.



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