We mounted our trusty steeds and rode off in formation.

After a few more pats on the back and several photographs, Benga and Makali loaded Stan’s trophy on one of the camels. We mounted our trusty steeds and rode off in formation. Stan seemed to be riding just a little taller. He appeared much more comfortable. It is now only 10:00 am and we are about 30 minute from the Samburu village. After a few minutes of riding quietly we scared up a “sounder” of warthogs. A group of warthogs is not referred to as a herd, but called a sounder. The name probably originated from the sound they make as they run from danger with their tails flying. We also stopped and Alan shot an amazingly beautiful Grevy’s Zebra, for his first trophy. Makali spotted their tracks and stalked them for about 3o minutes before Stan could get in range for a shot. By the way, a group of zebra is called a “dazzle”.

Grevy’s zebra have slim and more dense stripes than their southern living cousins, the common zebra. The reason for this might be caused by the higher temperatures in the region, as the black and white pattern provides a local cooling effect right above their skin.

As we approached the village, three young Samburu boys joined us and walked with us the rest of the way.




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  1. Another good one, Bwana K. Remember lions LOVE camel meat……….tastes like steak. Keep it UP!!!! Great stuff.


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