Well done Stan, well done..

“Stan, well done.  I just have to say again, well done. It was a great shot,” I said.

“Thank you again, Bwana Charles and Makali,” Stan said, shaking hands with all of us.

“He looks big, let’s measure him and see how big,”I said

As I measured each horn with the tape measure I carry, I explained how it is always our intent to only shoot game we feel is “trophy quality”, and in most cases we actually eat what we shoot on safari.  All extra meat, we share with the people in villages we encounter during our hunt.

“He is big,” I said.  “His horns measure 79 and 78 centimeters. The world record is about 87 centimeters.  He is much bigger than average.  Well done.  Makali, you are amazing,” I added.

“And Stan,” Bryce said.  “I need to thank you for our entire camp staff.  We will eat Mr. Kudu.  They are one of the best antelope to eat.”


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