As we approached the downed kudu, it was right where it had been standing.

As we approached the downed kudu, it was right where it had been standing. Stan had made a perfect shot.


The lesser kudu is a graceful, slender, medium-sized antelope with long, spiraling horns. It has a straight back, large ears and a bushy tail. It is grayish brown in color. The color becomes bluish gray in older animals. This antelope stands on average 38 to 41 inches at the shoulder, and weight 175 to 220 pounds. It is a cousin to the Greater Kudu which is found in the higher elevation regions of East Africa, such as near Mount Kenya. A mature lesser kudu has 11-13 well-defined white stripes on each side, an incomplete white chevron between the eyes, and white patches on throat and neck. Its short, brown mane continues as a white dorsal crest. Only the males have horns, and these are keeled, with 2-3 close spirals, and diverge only moderately. The female is slightly smaller, without horns, and is a reddish tan in color. To make the Safari Club International top 10 world record list, the kudu’s horns need to measure 81 centimeters, or longer. Every hunter would love to have a trophy listed as a world record.

We stop and look down admiring Stan’s trophy.


One Comment

  1. Great Stan my man!!!!! And Kudus TASTE GREAT!!!!!! Enough to feed several families. Can’t wait for more hunting……………


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