Put a shell in the chamber and put the safety on.

“Ok, we’ll leave the horses here. Stan you walk with me, close to front. We’ll follow Makali. You and Alan will take turns. Next opportunity will be Alan’s.


Alan, you stay close to Bryce,” I added in a whisper. “Stan and Alan, take and load your 375. Put a shell in the chamber and put the safety on. We will tell you when or if to shoot.”

Bryce and I watched them load their rifles.

“Ok, let’s move out. Watch Makali and watch us”. I said. 

So, we continued forward on foot. Stan was next to me, and Benga, my extra tracker walked close behind with a tripod for Stan to shoot from, if needed. Bryce and Alan are about 10 steps behind me. The grass was still damp from the evening’s rain, so we were able to move forward quietly. We are close behind Makali. I am watching every step of Makali’s tracking and reading his actions and reactions. We continue to move forward, moving between bushes, crouching as we walk. Makali halts and gives a hand signal to “watch”.


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