Think best we walk quiet, Bwana..

I had everyone pause for a break to show them an amazingly large termite mound. My teaching instinct took over.


“Termite mounds are like icebergs,” I explained, “1/3 above ground and 2/3’s below ground. Some can be 1500 years old. They have a constant temperature of 28 to 30 degrees celsius. They also have a central chimney that can be closed off in an emergency,” I added. “I suggest we view from here, and not get too close.”

“Anyone need a sip of water?” asked Bryce.

“That sounds good,” answered Stan. “How much longer to the village?”

“Oh, about 30 more minutes, but with the wind in our face, we’ll probably start smelling their cattle in about 15,” Bryce said smiling.

 Makali had been walking ahead. As he approached us, he interrupted. “Bwana Charles, have found large tracks. I believe kudu near by,” he added.

“Great,” I said. “Close enough to stalk on foot, or should we ride more?” I asked.

“Think best we walk quiet, Bwana,” Makali answered.


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