I couldn’t help but be consumed by the morning.

As we rode on silently, I couldn’t help but be consumed by the morning.  Even though this region of Kenya is arid and sparse, I just love the rugged natural splendor of it all.  Since it had rained the day and night before, the morning was fresh and new.  The air was still filled with the smell of dust and dry brush, but there was that hint of orchid and heather also.  Plus, Stan’s aftershave was much more prominent than I’d prefer.  We wouldn’t be sneaking-up on anything if the wind were to our backs.  I need to remember to discuss that around the fire tonight.

The air was also filled with the morning sounds of thrushes and robins.  I spotted some “buffalo weavers”.  These little guys weave little hanging nests that remind me of Hershey Kisses.  As we passed a large flat top Acacia tree I pointed so Stan could watch these little engineers.  He gave a smile.

We passed a huge tree with bright scarlet red flowers.  This is the Flame Tree.  This time of year the tree sheds it fern-like leaves and has long seed pods.  Birds and insects love this tree.



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