My motto: Keep guests safe from “jaws and claws”..

As we rode away from camp, Bryce moved his horse to be on the outside of our formation, but next to Alan. Even with Makali in front, he always watched the right side, I always ride on the left. We can see better, and it is just safer. We are responsible for the safety of our guests. My motto is: “keep our guests safe and out of jaws and claws”. I could hear Bryce and Alan having a quiet discussion about what plains game we might see, and some joke about keeping the camels downwind from us. Bryce has such a dry sense of humor. He is just fun to be around. With his South African accent, he is also fun to listen to. 
I was riding next to Stan. Stan is about 5’10” and rather on the heavy side. It was fairly obvious that the horse was not enjoying this ride very much. I looked over at him.


“You look a little concerned, you ok?”



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