I love a parade..

So, with a cloud of dust and a hearty display of great anticipation we started walking to the south. I always have our guests do this “yee haw” as we start our first morning. It’s great fun for me, and I know they get a kick out of it. I also chuckle to myself, we must be quite the scene as we are leaving. This morning there are four of us on horseback, two wranglers walking their camels, one assistant tracker walking to our flank, and Makali leading the way. I love a parade! Our first stop would be the Samburu village which is about a two hours ride from camp. I need to stop and visit with the Chief. Last time we brought a safari to this area was last March. When we stopped at the village, the Chief told us that they had just lost two of their cattle to leopards two nights before. We tried to track them, but it had rained during the night, and we couldn’t find any signs. We would have been big heroes. The Chief and his herdsmen will be a big help. I may even borrow one of their “warriors” for the next few days.


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