I also carry a pack of Dunhill cigarettes..

As I turned to head back to my tent, I remember feeling the breeze in my face. It was a slight breeze, but still from the south.

 Arriving at my tent, I laid my satchel on the cot. I am a creature of habit when it comes to these hunts. I always pack the same items: compass, extra socks, a flare gun, bandages, a harmonica that I’ve never played, twine, same 2 extra knives, 2 boxes of 375 Remington shells and 1 box of 455 caliber shells. I also always include my diary and a pen to take notes about the hunt, and a five-year old photo of my two children, Josh and Emily. They are both in California.

I also carry a pack of Dunhill cigarettes. I really don’t smoke, but when we are stalking or tracking, I try to remember to light one. The smoke gives me a constant and accurate read on the wind direction.

I then reached for my Winchester 375 that is always loaded and next to my bed. This rifle purposely does not have a scope. Only an open sight. If I shoot, it is fairly close range. Usually 50 yards or less. I retied my boots, grabbed my hat, jacket, and satchel. After a necessary stop at the latrine, I headed back to the dining tent.


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