Ok, here is the plan for today..

“Let me give you both a run-down on the game we might encounter in this region of Kenya.” I continued. “Of the Big Five, we’ve got all five in this area. As you can imagine, we are always on guard and Makali will be watching for tracks and signs.  In addition, there is a Samburu village about two hours from here.  We will stop and visit with their Chief and ask what they have seen and heard.  The Sumburu are cattle herdsmen.  They will certainly know if are any lion or leopards in the area,  and you will be a hero if you save their cattle herd and their village from a predator.  In addition to the elephant herds, rhino, and cape buffalo are prevalent.” I said.

“Yes, and the plains game you mentioned are certainly here.  Plus, in the Northern Frontier region, the much more rare Grevy’s zebra can be found.” Bryce added.

“Wow, sounds great,” Stan said


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