Open sight 455 caliber side by side..

“Right, Bryce,” I added. “Both of you have great hunting experience. Today we will be carrying 2 rifles for your use. A 375 caliber for larger plains game,  and a side-by-side 455 for your elephant trophy. The 455 is an open sight. Don’t let that worry you. We will get you close, or you won’t shoot. By close, I mean within 25 yards.” I said, watching Alan’s reaction. “Bryce and I will be carrying our own rifles. Malkali usually carries a smaller 30-06.” I added. 

“Aside from an elephant trophy, what other game are we interested in Alan and Stan?” asked Bryce.

Alan answered, “I’m not sure of all of the plains game in this region, but I know over the course of our entire hunt, I’d like to hunt zebra, kudu, eland, and impala. Of the Big Five, Stan and I both would love to shoot a leopard and a lion. Charles you told us in Nairobi that any additional permits could be requested by radio, is that right?” Alan asked.

“Yes, that’s right. You license allows you to shoot any and all of the plains game in Kenya. Your extra permits cover one leopard and one lion each.  Any additional Big Five trophies will require a radio call from me to Game Department.”  I added.



  1. I was born in Zambia and the drum beats are still lodged in my soul. A recuring dream in my childhood took years to be resolved, a rhino impaled me on its horn and ran through a tent of people with my body swinging. Africa still speaks to me even though it has been decades since I was there.
    You conjur up the heat & dust in your writing.


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