This area is famous for big bulls. I mean big.

“As Jaji is clearing the table, I want to show you both on this map of the ranch, where we are and explain what our game plan is.” I said, rolling out the map.

“This is where our base camp is. As you already know, this is a designated “foot safari” region, and from our base camp we can only travel by foot or horseback. We’ll be going out from camp by horseback using camels as our pack animals. For the next few days Bryce and I want to focus on elephant.

This area is famous for big bulls. By big, I mean 100 to 120 pounds plus, per tusk. The wind is blowing from the south this morning. We’ll head out this morning to the south, keeping the wind in our face. From previous hunts in this area, we have spotted groups of elephant around these dried river beds, called luggers.” I added. “Bryce, your thoughts.” 

“Thanks, Charles. Yes, we’ll all leave together this morning. On other mornings we may go to separate areas. Our hope is that at the very least, due to last night’s rain shower, we’ll find some fresh tracks in the river bed and our tracker Malkali will lead us right to them.”


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