And Stan, tell us about you..

“Stan, what about you?” I asked. 

“Well, as Alan said, I’m also from Vancouver. I have been married only five years, and I have three step-children. I have taken them hunting for caribou, deer, etc. The bigger hunts are always with Alan. I do like to bird hunt, and I understand we can maybe shoot some game birds during our safari. I also heard there are no seasons like we have in North America. Is that right?” he asked.

“Yes, you are right. No season and no license required. I’m sure we can find some time almost everyday to find a few birds.” Bryce answered. 

“Have both of you had enough breakfast?” I asked. “Isn’t Jaji amazing? Wait ‘until you see what she does for our dinners.” I added.

“Yes, looks like we’ve all cleaned our plates”. answered Bryce



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