An amazing breakfast..

Jaji entered the tent carrying a large white tray with plates covered with silver covers. She carefully uncovered each plate and set them before each of us. As usual the table was set with linen napkins, real silverware, matching plates and cups, salt and pepper shakers, juice glasses, and fresh flowers. Jaji always sets a beautiful table adorned with a matching linen tablecloth. It was really upscale, especially for breakfast in the middle of the bush. At night she always adds candles and new flowers.

“Jaji, what are we enjoying this morning?” I asked

“Eggs, English muffin, bacon, grits, and fresh berries, Bwana” she replied as she turned to leave.

“Oh, wow”, said Stan. “I had no idea. This is amazing”

“Yes”, I replied. “We will have our share of roughing-it out there”, pointing outside. “But, not while we are in camp.”

“As we are eating, Stan and Alan, would you tell us something about you?” I asked.




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