Modjaji means “rain goddess”

I interrupted, “Oh, but first gentlemen, let me introduce our chef extraordinaire, Modjaji. We affectionately call her Jaji. Her name means Rain Goddess in South Africa where she is from. So, Jaji, I believe we must thank you for this needed rain over the last few days. However, we are glad it has ended.”

“Thank you Bwana Charles. I am so happy to be here”, she said in a giggle, as she poured Bryce some coffee.

“Thank you Jaji”, Bryce said.

“Welcome Bwana Bryce”. She replied.

“Jaji, we are hungry and ready when you are”, I said.

“OK, Bwana”. She said.

“Ok Bryce, now gives us that personal resume”. I said.

“You bet. Let me take my first sip of Jaji’s coffee.” he said picking up his cup.

“Man, that’s good stuff”, he added.

“OK, let’s see. I am a retired Colonel in the South African Army. I am originally from J-burg. My wife and I now reside near Nairobi and have 3 wonderful children who are grown and still live in South Africa. I started hunting as a boy and when I retired ten years ago I decided to bring that passion to Kenya. I was one of the assistants to Dr. Charles Henley when he came to East Africa to begin his biology and botany research. He and I hunted together during his spare time and decided to make this a real business a couple of years ago. You may know, his real name is Dr. Charles Henley. We just call him Bwana Charles” he ended.

“Wow, Bryce, has it really been that long?” I added.


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