Good morning gentlemen..

“I, of course, met both of you at the airport in Nairobi, so we had a good long visit yesterday. However, you have not met Bryce.  Alan, he will be your lead Hunter. When we are hunting the big five, I require that each guest has his, or her, own lead hunter.” I added as Bryce entered the tent. 

“Jambo Bwana Bryce”. I said.

“Good morning, Gentlemen”. Bryce said approaching the table.

“Bryce, this is Alan Stevens and Stan Jacobson” I said.

“Good Morning Alan. Nice to meet you Stan”. Bryce said shaking their hands.

Stan sat at end of table nearest Alan.

“Bryce, I told Alan that you would be his lead Hunter.” I said.

“Yes, and I promise we’ll have a great and memorable adventure”. Replied Bryce.

“Bryce, I had lots of time with both Stan and Alan yesterday. Would you mind telling them some quick stuff about you?” I asked as Modjaji entered with a fresh pot of coffee.



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