OK, “sharp eyes”

“We must be careful of wind. With Timba, must be careful of wind”. Malkali said as he stood to leave. “I go now, Bwana?”

“Yes, thank you. Please ask the camel and horse tenders to prepare five horses and two camels”

“Bwana, I walk not ride. Can not track if not walk”. Malkali said with his half smile.

“Ok, Sharp Eyes. Tell them four horses. We’ll leave right after breakfast”. I said as I finished my last sip of coffee. 

I headed back into the tent to finish preparing. I could smell the aroma of bacon, eggs, and fresh bread. I headed to the dining tent.

 The dining tent was set up in the approximate center of camp. Bryce and I had our separate tents, while our two guests shared a larger tent that was set up on the opposite side of camp. Malkali had a smaller tent close to the dining tent. We also had two additional trackers along with three camel and horse tenders. From my earlier Texas days, I like calling them wranglers. They had a tent a little down the hill. The guests don’t really enjoy hearing and smelling the pack animals. Especially during meals. Included on the hunt is our celebrated Chef, Modjaji and her assistant Duruji. They share a tent near the dining tent.


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