Keep the wind in your face

“Malkali, I think you will certainly find fresh tracks.  The last time we hunted this area of the ranch we encountered several herds of elephant in and around the riverbeds.  We call them luggers.”

          Malkali nodded. “Yes, would hope so, Bwana.”

“So, Bwana Charles, what’s your suggestion?’ asked Bryce.

          “Well, I would think we’d be wise to use the luggers as our primary focus, but given the wind is blowing from the south today, we need to go to this region to keep the wind in our face.  Wouldn’t you agree, Malkali?” I asked.

           “Yes, Bwana. No want wind in our backs.” he replied.

           “Ok Bryce, if you agree, after breakfast we’ll saddle up our two guests and head south to this area with hopes of finding some “ele”    somewhere around this lugger”. I said as pointed to map. “I would think it will take several hours to get there.  We might find some  other game along the journey”, I added.

            “Yep, Chuck. Sounds like a plan”.  I’ll check on our guests and you can explain the plan at breakfast.  See ya’ in a few” Bryce said.

            “Malkali, this is the third hunt together in this area.  What should we watch for?” I asked.

            “We must be careful of wind.  With Timba, must be careful of wind”. Malkali said as he stood to leave.  “I go now, Bwana?”


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