Making the plan

Bryce is a tall, rugged, retired army type from South Africa. He is 53, in excellent shape, and I’d put him up against any marksman in Africa. He has an uncanny ability to anticipate the actions and reactions of animals. Neither of us realized how important he would be today.

 “Have a seat Bryce. Let’s look over the map again and plan our best strategy to find elephant today”. “Malkali, I need you. too.”

“OK, Bwana”. Bryce said, as he grabbed a third chair from inside table.

 The map was still laid out on the table next to my coffee.

 “Coffee Bryce?” I asked as I grabbed a cup from the tray. “Yes, please”. Bryce answered. “Is this where we are?”

“Yes, and as you can see, we are several miles into the ranch already. This is as far as we are allowed to travel with any vehicle.”

Bryce added. “This map has a great amount of detail. Do these lines show dry river beds?”

“Yes”, I replied. “As you can imagine, even with the rain we’ve had over the last few days, the most we’ll encounter is some mud. However, Malkali, I think you will certainly find fresh tracks. The last time we hunted this area of the ranch we encountered several herds of elephant in

and around the riverbeds. We call them luggers.”

Malkali nodded. “Yes, would hope so, Bwana.”


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