Asante, Malkali

I was startled back to reality when I heard Malkali approaching.

          “Here is map, Bwana”.

          “Asante, Malkali.  Let me show you where we are”.  I said as I unrolled the map on the outside table.   

          “We are here and this is the road we followed into the ranch and to our campsite.  From here on, we have to travel by foot, horse, and camel.”

          “Is Bwana Bryce up, yet?” I asked.

          “Yes, Bwana.  I see him come now”.

           “Morning Bryce”. I said, giving him a quick salute with my right hand.

          “Good morning to you, Chuck”.  He answered back with a smirk, knowing how seldom I hear that name.



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