That afternoon in June

It’s been almost twelve years since that afternoon in June. It had rained hard during the night, but the early morning brought us clear skies and promising hunting conditions. My clients were two gentlemen from Vancouver, BC. Both had a good amount of experience hunting larger North American game, such as moose and bear. Their desire was to each shoot a trophy elephant along with some nice plains game trophies. We will be on safari for three weeks in several areas of Kenya. Along to help me was Bryce Peterson and my tracker, Malkali. This was actually my fifth hunt with Malkali. When hunting the Big Five, I always have each client with their own professional hunter. 
I had made arrangements to hunt on a very large ranch in the Northern Frontier area of Kenya. The Northern Frontier is directly north of Nairobi and is designated by the Kenyan government to be what is called a “foot safari” block, meaning you could drive into a main camp location. All hunting had to be done on foot or horseback. We are using camels as pack animals to carry supplies. The clients really like this type of hunt because it is more rugged and “John Hemingway-ish”. The reason I chose this area to hunt is because it is known for its’ larger elephant, and I was hunting for a trophy this time.




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