Rhino Outfitters, Ltd

We have clients from all over the world who entrust their safety and their money in our expertise to provide an once-in-a-lifetime wildlife experience. Most of our hunts are in the highlands area of Kenya. I’d like to point out that not all of our safaris are the traditional “kill the trophy” kind of hunt. We have many clients who would rather hunt with their camera, not a rifle. Instead of taking part in a guided photo tour of a game park, like Amboseli National Park, they’d rather hunt the wild and real bush areas of Kenya. We use special 35mm digital cameras with cross hairs in the lenses so they can still “shoot” the trophy. I also, from time to time, do some game trapping and capture for several major zoos around the world. Due to my previous relationships, the San Diego Zoo is my biggest client. I feel it is important for game conservation. I am the Lead Hunter. I have two associates, Bryce Smithe and Miles Peterson. Both have hunted more than twenty years each in this area of Kenya. Both, I would trust with my life. And actually, I have several times. I also employ who I believe to be the greatest tracker in all of East Africa. His tribal name is Jabali. I borrowed him from his Masai village thirteen years ago to have him show me where a lion had killed some of his tribes cattle. He has been with me ever since. He believes that he is about 35 years old. Along with the Swahili that I have learned from him, he has been my greatest teacher regarding the bush, it’s animals and survival. I have managed to help him have a basic understanding of english, and I taught him to play the guitar. I wonder if he knows how important and special his is? I call him by a nick name, Makali, short for Masomakali, or “sharp eyes”. I have never met anyone better. 




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